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????‍♂️Zombie Apocalypse NOW! Mind Games For Daring IQs????

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Boost your logic with a set of mind games for daring IQs! These zombie riddles will test your intelligence and improve your brain power! If you want to exercise your brain and increase your brain capacity then you should definitely start solving riddles every day! It's a fun and effective way to increase logical skills. And remember, you're always welcome to share your answers in the comments:

00:14 - Test your critical thinking with this logic puzzle: You head for the elevators. Everyone’s flipping out in terror. Don’t they have an evacuation plan? Finally, you make it to the hall. There are about 50 people near the elevators. They want to get down as soon as possible. Which way is the safest?
A. one of the elevators (Max 15 people!)
B. the emergency stairs
’staff only’ exit
Think fast! Which way would you choose?
03:02 - Another tricky riddle to test your survival skills: You’re running down the stairs. Seems like most people took the elevators. Suddenly you hear an announcement. “Attention! A dangerous zombie virus has leaked from the lab on the 3rd floor! Many doctors are already infected! Go to the ” Oh no! You can’t go any further. You’ll have to find another way down. You should probably start looking for weapons! You go down the hallway and see a room. An empty room! Grab something and get out before the zombies show up! You find a few items:
А. a surgical kit
В. tranquilizer darts
С. a fire extinguisher
D. a big spade
No time to think! What should you pick?
05:05 - Check your ability to think outside the box with this difficult brain teaser: You almost reach another set of  you hear something behind you. Zombies are coming! You gotta hurry!
Suddenly you hear a kid crying in the next room. There are three people trapped in there!
А. a man with his hand stuck in the bars
В. an unconscious boy
С. a crying girl with a drip
You can’t leave them behind!
What should you do?
06:44 - Speed up your thinking with this general knowledge puzzle: You finally get down to the 1st floor. But zombies are blocking the exits! The girl: “Do you remember the announcement? He said to go to the basement!” Well, it’s worth a shot. You follow the signs, making your way through the crowd. The last sign leads you to a big problem! You see three corridors leading to the basement.
But only one of them is safe! Zombies are at your heels, get going! Which way should you choose?
08:44 - Emoji game:
You run down the corridor and go down to the basement. A man: “I’ll barricade the door! But it won’t hold them for long!” You find a heavy metal door at the back of the room. You: “We have to enter three passwords! I think it’s something related to ”
Guess the disease by the emojis:
Level 1:????????
Level 2: ????️⚽️a
Level 3: ???????? + ia

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you think for a while before answering!

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