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Which Mario Game is the Worst Mario Game? - Mario’s Time Machine

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There are many obscure and really weird official Mario games out there. Games like Mario’s fundamentals , Hotel Mario, the virtual boy games, or that one time they abused the mario brand to teach kids typing. All of those games are super weird, and, to be honest most of them are among the worst games nintendo ever released. But all those obscure Mario games also kind of raise a question. Which of these really bad Mario Games is actually the worst one?
So I sat down and started to investigate this question, I played dozens over dozens of hours of really weird Mario games, all in the hopes to find out which game featuring Mario is the worst one ever released. And I pretty quickly came to a realization. There is way too much going on in these games to cover all of them in a single video. So instead of answering the eternal question which Mario game is the absolute worst one, in a single video, we are going to do this in a small mini series, where we take a closer look at some of nintendo’s weirdest moments, starting today, with the fascinating game, Mario’s Time Machine.

--------------------Credits for the Music--------------------------
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga OST - Teehee Valley
Super Mario Sunshine OST - Bianco Hills
Mario’s Time Machine OST - Theme Song
Mario’s Time Machine OST - Vienna 1824


HolFix - Beyond The Kingdom

-------Ross Bugden

Epic and Dramatic Trailer Music - Olympus

------Kevin MacLeod
"Adventure Meme", “The Builder”, “Amazing Plan”, “Thinking Music”
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution

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