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This Build Killed a Player T8.2 | Boltcaster PvP | Corrupted Dungeons | Albion Online - N°10

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In this episode I've been testing a new build of boltcaster, I even found a great build, but you need to be good at attacking and running xD

This is my 10 episode of the Corrupted Dungeon Series. I'm playing with Boltcaster.


Guardian Helmet / Cleric Robe / Demon Boots / Undead Cape / Boltcaster.

The combination of the boot and the cape can escape if necessary or finish your enemy. If you attack invisibly your damage drops by 50%, but with active boots you increase your damage by almost 50% which would cancel this debuff xD
With potion you can use stew and poison or cure.
Be sure to try to attack as far as possible with your Q. and always try to activate your E when you hit your W for silence.

For More Language:

Thank you so much for watching and liking it, i hope it does very well in your pvp.

Credits of the music used to Prod. Skagbeats

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