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[ The Kind Demon ( not really ) || GLMM || Happy Early Valentines Day Special ~

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App Used :
Gacha Life
Ibis Paint
Cute Cut Pro

Screenshot taken : 1450
Time taken : 1~2 months
Subscriber count : 25167 ~

Story info :
Here’s a girl named Olivia . She used to be bullied by her bully’s , Rebecca . Rebecca is one her best friend when Olivia was little but sooner she became spoiled so Rebecca didn’t played with Olivia anymore. One Day , Rebecca and her friend pushed Olivia into her locker she was scared and terrified !! Here’s now to the demons story : Dexton !
Dexton father is a soul keeper aka a Gream Reeper
His father will order every single one to catch naughty kids and bring them to hell. One day , his dad told Dexton to go to earth and catch some for him. Dexton refuse. His dad got super angry and just teleported him to earth by somehow .
Dexton decided to go to school and catch some souls . When he went to his locker to grab some of his clothes he realised a girl is in his locker ! That’s Olivia ! Olivia was shooked to see a boy sharing lockers with her . They both started to be friends and told their backstories to each other . And well the other
you have to look by yourself
I hope you enjoy the mini movie I made QwQ
Warning !
• cussing
• auto correct
• bad grammer
• shipping company
• love
• some weird words
• Dosen’t make any sense AT ALL
• valentines DAY SPECIAL

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