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Sonic Forces Full Movie HD - All Cutscenes As Coldsteel The Hedgeheg The Movie (60FPS) English

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Sonic Forces All Cutscenes The Full Game Movie English 60FPS

Sonic Forces have the primary themes of forces, power, and teamwork. Making yet another gab for global domination, Dr. Eggman launches a large-scale offensive on an urban center with his Death Egg Robot sentinels and Egg Pawns.

As things get desperate for the survivors and all hope seems lost, Sonic the Hedgehog and Coldsteel the hedgehog appears and makes short work of the remaining forces. However, Dr. Eggman has a surprise up his sleeve.

In this video, we are using Coldsteel the hedgehog / Hedgeheg as our character figure.

#sonic #knuckles #tails #coldsteel #shadow

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