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Paubaya by Moira Dela Torre | English Version | Lyrics by Gewel D.

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Sorry for the wrong spelling on the lyric video (if you ever noticed, I hope not!) I was so sleepy when I was typing it ????

This is my own translation of Moira Dela Torre’s song Paubaya (Letting Go). Some of the words were not translated on their own literal English translation (to rhyme the lyrics with the music) but the overall meaning if the song, I also put some twists on my lyrics. ✨

So hope you guys like it! ❤️????????

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Thank you for #KaraoKeysPH for my music

???? Lyrics:

Verse 1

Where did it all change, I was not aware
When did you realise that I was not enough
Why didn’t you tell me, I wish I could have known
It’s me that you needed, but it’s not whom you love

Verse 2:

When did your love for me starts to fade away
I gave it all for you just to see you smile
You’ve fallen out of love, I wish you told me so
Although we’re together, but you’re longing for her


And if she’s the key to your happiness
I won’t insist on us anymore
I’m letting you go but there’s one I request
That she will love you
The way I have loved

Verse 3:

Where did your being true starts to die away
All the love you’ve shown me, are they all just lies?
Why didn’t you tell me that there’s someone else?
It’s me who’s wrapped in your arms
But it’s her on your mind


Even if she’s the key to your happiness
My love for you will never change
I’m setting you free but just one I request
That she will love you, the way I have loved


I’m hoping it’s still us and this would never end
It’s me whom you first loved but it’s her who’s your last

I still can’t believe that you’ve chosen her
I can see it through looking in your eyes
And it’s hard to fight for (what’s) not meant to be

I’m letting you go Love
I’m lettng you go, My
I’m letting you go
Will still wait for you. ❤️

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