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Paris Hilton | House Tour UPDATED | Her Hollywood Real Estate

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Paris Hilton | House Tour UPDATED | Her Hollywood Real Estate
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The real Paris Hilton is a drastically different person than her public image might suggest. As she’s about to reveal in the upcoming YouTube documentary about her life: ‘This Is Paris”, her life has not always been a “simple” one. Speaking about the difference between her real self and the character she sometimes portrays. Say what you will about Paris, but as one of the most well-known heiresses’ in the world, she’s managed to take the life she was given and build-up an empire all her own. Now no Monarch would be complete without a palace to live in and Paris has had multiple homes over the years, including a Hollywood Party Pad and places to rest her head in both New York and Malibu. Paris Hilton is a world-famous socialite, reality tv star, actress, singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, DJ, and much more. She’s literally done it all and as a huge fan of hers, I couldn’t be more excited to talk to you guys about her today. She’s an OG influencer and if it wasn’t for her, I highly doubt I’d be here right now, talking with you all. Paris has managed to take all of her many talents and turn them into a fortune over the course of her career. She’s used her family-name as a launch-pad for a string of successful businesses including her perfume brand, retails stores, and even her very own Beach Club Resort.

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Writer / Host: Kara

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