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Nicholas Braun - Antibodies (Do You Have The) [No Intro Version]

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Stream/Download "Antibodies" here:
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, I have partnered with PLUS1 to support those most at risk from the pandemic, through Partners In Health and The COPE Program. Text ANTIBODIES to (202) 858-1233 or visit to donate!


Directed by: Nicholas Braun
Filmed by: Hunter Cope
Edited by: Sean McIlraith
Quarantine Date played by: Camilla Engstrom


Lyrics by: Nicholas Braun
Produced by: Colin Brittain and Nicholas Braun
Additional Arrangement by: Christopher Braun
Performed by: Nicholas Braun
Mixed by: Colin Brittain
Mastered by: Chris Athens

From Nick: Thanks to everyone who sent me their videos these last couple months. YOU inspired this awesome, creative project. I got to connect with so many talented singers, producers, guitarists, pianists, and artists of all sorts - just making stuff in their bedrooms and basements. I hope this track and this video brings you as much joy as it did for me to make it.

And big-ups to Akiva Schaffer, Richard Rodgers, Jess Severn, Camilla Engstrom, Gina Gammell, and Christopher Stracey.

Be safe and Mask On!!

More on Plus1 x PIH x COPE:

This partnership with Plus1 will empower Partners In Health to control the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the most vulnerable people around the world receive access to dignified healthcare. The COPE Program will work to bring equity of care and essential supplies and goods to the people of the Navajo Nation.

A portion of proceeds from the "Antibodies (Do You Have The)" single and merch will be going to Partners In Health and The COPE Program.

For more information on PLUS1, please visit:

Connect with Nicholas Braun:
Apple Music:

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