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Newest Patch...World Record? *Cough* - How The Speedrun Ended (GTA V) - #151

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We are going the future! Warning: Features many pictures of me as a teenager.

Each episode of How The Speedrun Ended consists of highlights of gameplay and funny interactions from my Grand Theft Auto V Speedruns. My GTA V Speedruns revolve around finding new strategies, bugs and glitches as well as attempting to get world records in the main GTA V categories, any%, 100%, Classic%, Trevor% and Any% NMS. Many of these highlights feature wr gameplay as I have held the world records in each category many times over the long history of theses speedruns. To be more honest, these episodes largely showcase my fails and my attempts at being humorous. Other runners to check out are Burhac, Demetrius, ToriksLV, Reloe, DatesL.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto Racing, such as that done by Broughy1322, GTA V Speedrunning is an endurance challenge that requires skill and knowledge in all aspects of the game including glitches and fairly niche abilities. Other than How The Speedrun Ended, other popular series on this channel are: ‘Can You beat GTA V Without Wasting anyone? (Pacifist Challenge)’ and ‘GTA V Facts and Glitches You Don’t Know’. Another series I enjoy is ‘All Possibilities’ by Whatever57010. GTA V Speedruns unfortunately have never been features at any GDQ (SGDQ or AGDQ), likely due to the content within them.

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