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(Luo Tianyi | 洛天依) Black Pineapple/In Love with Ye | 黑凤梨 [Eng Sub]

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Black Pineapple/In Love with Ye

BILIBILI- http://www.bilibili.com/video/av24929108

"Hēi Fènglí" is an original Luo Tianyi song that was uploaded for the Dragon Boat Festival. It became extremely popular within its first days of release. It tells a story of bravely confiding what the protagonist presented to the mind after the hurt induced by love had been healed. The Mandarin pronunciation of the title is similar to the Cantonese pronunciation of the phrase "喜欢你" (Jyutping: hei fun nei; literally:"(I) love you").

English Translation by AiRen CANDYloid
I went out of the KTV, gradually sobering up on the way to home;
and left behind that monochrome space to venture out into the particularly bright nightscape.
The glittering street lamps ahead are flickering, rusting above on the walls
-whose alley does it adorn?

Turning off my mobile phone, I've blocked all messages in the screen.
Sophisticated matters such as these don't really go along with my heart.
It's fun to play along with the game, but it doesn't mean that I've given up.
It's just that my heart is still feeling a little bit lost.

*At last, I've unloaded myself of all doubts.
Across the street, a ringing phone echoes.
I certainly want to tell you this moment.
I need you.
I'm really in love with you. I'm really in love with you.

So many things have been happening lately and I don't want to think about it.
We've simply repeated the same choices, either because of paranoia or conviction.
For what reason is it that the more people can't see something, the more they want it?
Emotions reflected in the eyes are brimming with confusion.

I want a long white sail and a blue boat.
I want to salvage my very own wings in the open sea.
I want someone within my field of view to give me a direction to follow.

Repeat *

Very early at 3 in the morning, the wind blew past the lights adorning the covers of a lighthouse.
I began to recall a song that was written a long time ago.
It has been too long, too long, too long. It really has been too long, too long, just too long.
The world is getting more and more crowded, and my heart -even more confused.
So until the scabs have covered all wounds from the past, how would you like to listen to my words right now?

Repeat *

I'm really in love with you. I'm really in love with you.
I need you.
I'm really in love with you. I'm really in love with you.
Give me a direction to follow.

Translation Notes
"Yeah, it's a retranslation of grammar. Lol." -T/N

[1] It's written as 'I'm quite the Black Pineapple." but 'Hei Fengli' is sort of the pun in the pronunciation of the Cantonese words, 'Hei Fun Nei' which means 'Love you'. Also regarding words like 'very' and 'quite', they both intensify the word to the same degree, depending on the word (noun/verb), of course. I can't just write, "I'm a very black pineapple." That sounds weird in English but it's fine in Chinese because they say sentences poetically. And if I twist the characters of Black Pineapple, it would likely to end up as a 'troublesome luck'.

Copyright Disclaimer: I owe nothing in this video except for the translation and everything belongs to their respective owners.

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