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IDGAF (Ft. Jason Morgan & Kryciz) ~Prod. Killing Spree~

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Produced By my bro :
Ft.: &

tämä :

Song Art by:


You know Shiki sama he don't give a fuck
Imouto just left told her pick her pantsu up
Read the comments and you'll know lolis linin up
Knees fucked up always kneeling down just to slurp up
The essence of a god, yall think it's odd,
but just honestly I'm doing my job
I mean she doing her job, three six mafia,
slob on my knob drill the pussy like I'm Kamina

Oops wait i meant Simon bruh,
ironically your Imouto want my Semen huh
Behind scenes OVA want a sequel yuh
yandere tend to get rough, when i'm up in that muff
Treat her like a dog a mutt she an Inuzuka yup
Flow laced with Chidori, no wonder she starstruck
Things get gory that's a Yuno Gasai fuck
Beat the neko up now she wobble when she walk like psyduck

Oh my god oh my god, sis con kami all the rest just demi gods
Killing the otaku rap game they swear I use mods
But it's all fair im like Yugi Moto with cards
Breaking down all these boundaries i leave behind shards
(Swag Takeo Gouda yeah my style
too large)
Throw it down for my lolis like Lion's Barrage
#TeamImouto is the army and you know im the Sarge

What can I say I guess your kouhai a masochist
Flick of the wrist finger your imouto with a dragon fist
Kill nekos resurrect nigga ask Lazarus
Edo Tensei from the ecchi sensei
crazy that a nigga bouta hit a million plays,
because I rapped about imoutos one day, okay,,
(Eye)know you don't exist so you hate
but what's a troll to a Kami anyway

Jason Morgan:

From the city of the assholes,know da city where da cash grow,
Know da city got da fast hoes,
Better watch where yo trash go,
Nigga wit da task force,aint' watchin donnie brasco be yo
friends at da back door,Smoking on tobacco ,
nigga's paranoid guessing like maco,saying all
this reason i'm a asshole,wanna elevate i don't wanna to reminisce,I don't wanna do that
know you doing right when they ass wanna diss,but they ain't fucking with the kid,
like a nigga black star soul eat every bar,got a rinnegan an i got a shar,turn a battle field to a grave yard,
use to be Battousai wanna be kenshin,Sorry for this intermission, scrape the floor with
all that matters my mission,team 7 mutto my nigga's,
an anyone with ambition,like goku i can train witchu,
nigga's hating hard or they witchu,but if they not i.

Don't care if you hate me,see the haters be against me,
all i want is the benji's,see da universe tenchi,need a view that's hd,need the bread and the bakery with the money not hasty,
Brian C that's the old me,Jason morgan that's the new me,Don't care if know me
guarantee that you'll know me.

Why these niggas talking like these niggas trilla
you a dead man I ain't talking thriller
we on a killingspree and I'm the main nigga
in my past time I done killed 3 niggas
in this rap shit I'm the king bitch
cuz my crown shiny and my throne warm
you a sacrifice you gotta head of thorns
and you fucked with us now yo head is gone

I do not exist that's your name you a fake nigga
I do not exist yes I know cuz you dead nigga
you can't kill me cuz I'm fed nigga
and my blade gotta infinity edge nigga
you the fuckin best? I think not
on the toilet bitch is when yo shit hot when you say names
then claim thangs chief guns they bang bang
dadojo hoe that's gang gang me and you not in the same lane
that Kryciz nigga is the same lame
feeling like I gotta demon bane no soul I slice veins
then have yo neck how a slave hang

Faggot ass bitch lemme get your leash
then we do it like Italy we say capeesh
then I pull that piece then I'm at your head piece
fuck you your sleep and your rest in peace
I am thee highest call me your highness
if you want your soul come find it
its guarantee you won't survive Bitch

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