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HAVOC DH | *UPDATED* Legendary Priority for Havoc Demon Hunter in Shadowlands

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Hey guys, just wanted to make this video as a quick update on the order in which you should target your legendaries on your havoc DH. This is a video mostly for my subscribers as I’m sure it won’t get as many views as my original video but I thought I should atleast make a video on this as things have changed.

In my previous video I stated you should target the legendary effect Fel Bombardment. This is the one where you would press immolation aura, accumulate stacks of a buff based on your immo aura ticks and then spend those ticks by using throw glaive. The glaives would then ricochet and do enhanced damage.

Despite this Legendary still being pretty powerful, it seems that wowhead has updated the drop location list for the havoc DH. We previously thought it dropped from the Manastorms in De Other Side but it now looks like this one in particular comes from the Great Vault which means you may or may not be able to get it before the raid.

So now it seems that the legendary effect Burning Wound is what drops from The Manastorms. This is one of the newer additions to the list and honestly, I think it has a lot of potential.

Demon’s Bite leaves an open wound on your enemy dealing (5% attack power) chaos damage over 15 sec and increasing damage taken from your Immolation Aura by 50%.

This will give us a dot to maintain on the targets which I think will be pretty fun. Personally, I would avoid using Demon Blades with this so you have complete control of when you apply the you have something like Elvui or if you use Plater/Tidyplates etc you should easily be able to see the dot above the enemy unit frames for easier tracking.

Where this will really shine is when used in tandem with the potency conduit Growing Inferno which increases Immolation Aura’s damage by 10% each time it deals damage. This effect increases with the rank of the conduit up to 24% at max level.

It should also be noted that Immolation Aura is one of our last abilities that is still uncapped aoe so being able to amplify it should help us quite a bit. You’ll probably want to apply the Burning Wound dot to around 5 targets before you start to lose out on damage by not pressing your other rotational abilities and then let the Growing Inferno conduit do the rest of the work.

Aside from that, the process should still be the same. Once you craft this as your first legendary you then want to target Chaos Theory for Single Target and Collective Anguish for AOE - both come from Castle Nathria.

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