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Extreme Demon Roulette!! (Challenge)

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Today we play this challenge I randomly made up while walking downstairs! I had a good time with it, and I encourage others out there to give it a shot!

Edited by @Doggie

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Overall I'm happy with my score! Took me about 3 hours to do. I'll definitely try again for a better score in the future. I'll also type the full arbitrary rules I made up if you want to try this yourself.

The goal of this game is to "clear" as many list demons as possible. After generating a sequence from 1-150, start from the top, and try to get 1% on the first level. The next level, you have to get a % higher than the previous. Every level you "clear" gives you 1 point. You want to go up by 1% each time, so that you can get the most points.

You CANNOT skip, and you have to do it all in 1 session. Ideally, you want harder levels first so they can't appear later. Lastly, you can also win the game if you beat a level. However, once you get a new highest % on a level, you HAVE to move onto the next level, regardless of where you died, making it a risky move to try and pull. I think that's everything, but feel free to ask questions. Let me know how it goes if you attempt this :)

Sorry for this video actually being mostly focused on GD instead of commentary, I really did want to give this challenge my all. Hopefully that's alright!

See you guys next week!!

Special Thanks to my LV2 and LV3 Members:
Adrian Hernandez
GNT NukeTeamYT
Keaton The Dank Man
Jaya IsFuckingCanon

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