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Emraan Hashmi thriller film murder 4 official trailer 2020 ,Emraan Hashmi ,Zarine Khan, Mahesh Bhatt

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Emraan Hashmi thriller film murder 4 official trailer 2020 ,Emraan Hashmi ,Zarine Khan, Mahesh Bhatt

Tital-Murder 4 Movie Trailer

The best film series of Bollywood thriller expert famous director "Mahesh Bhatt" is "Murder", which has got three parts so far and all three have proved to be superhit but the last film of this series which was "Murder 3" was left by the audience. Was more liked than the films and had "Randeep Hooda" "Sara Lauren" and "Aditi Rao" in the lead roles, who portrayed the film's thriller-filled story very beautifully and kept the suspense of the film till the end This was the reason that the audience liked the film so much, since he had been waiting for Murder 4 ever since.

But friends, do you know that now your wait is over, according to the news, now Mukesh Bhatt will be coming soon with Part 4 of this series "Murder 4" is coming soon.

Today, in this video of ours, we are going to give you all the information related to Murder 4, what will be the star cast, what will be the story and how long will the film come if you also want to know all these things with us. Stay till the end and you should not forget to like our video for this hit series.

"Murder 3", which came out in the year 2013, revolves around the three characters "Vikram", "Randeep Hooda", "Roshni", "Aditi Rao" and "Nisha", "Sara Lorraine".

Vikram finds Nisha drunken in search of his lost girlfriend. He wants to start a new life with Nisha, so both of them start living in a museum house outside Mumbai. Strange voices are heard. While staying in that house, Nisha realizes that someone is locked in the house. She starts talking to him with her imagination. A big secret is revealed here. Vikram's girlfriend Roshni is not dead but She is imprisoned in the same house, then in the end Nisha goes to kill her for fear of losing her love but Roshni kills her and comes out of that Ked and asks for help from the police and arrests her cheating lover from the police It gets done and this is the story of the film.

Presently this film has been completed for 7 years, so it is now reported that Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt are going to bring "Murder 4" together. Murder 3 which has been finished leaving it almost incomplete, definitely indicates that " Murder 4 "and it will be a sequel to Murder 3, but tell you that there is no news that Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt will make a Hindi remake of a Telugu film called" Maya "under the name" Murder 4 " According to the sources, work is going on in the story of the film, there will be a temper of sex, music and crime, while talking about the star cast of the film, the life of the murder series "Emraan Hashmi" has been selected for the main lead in Murder 4 And this time his opposite bold and beautiful actress "Zarine Khan" will be seen, but none of them have given any kind of confirmation to work in the film and at the moment the story of the film is also going on, but right now Excitement has increased significantly in the audience since this film.

So friends, do you also want to see Zarine Khan with Emraan Hashmi in this film or not, do let us know your comments by commenting in the comment box and also subscribe to our channel to know such spicy news related to Bollywood. Forgot

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