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Briganty [ブリガンティ]: The Roots Of Darkness Game Sample -- PC-98

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Briganty is an Action Hentai Role-Playing Game that is from GIGA, the same GIGA that brought you the Variable Geo games and various other games, many of which were hentai/adult games. This is the PC-98 version, although a modified version was later made in 1999 for Windows 95/98/2000, etc. You play with a man skilled in martial arts and black magic known as Gady, who loves women above all this leads him into trouble and adventure. Since it's easier for me and I won't have to type as much, you can get the general introductory story summary from:

Anyway, you can use Gady as well as Sephina (a sexy female sword wielder) to beat up enemies in a sort of platforming beat-em-up fashion. You can do combos, "force" attacks (moves you use to hit enemies surrounding you), and input special attacks in a fighting game fashion. For example, when Gady reaches level 2, try inputting a "Hadouken" command (down, down-forward, forward + facing right). As you level up, you learn new moves. It sounds pretty cool right? Well, it would the controls weren't so stiff at times and if the game wasn't so crazy easy.

The visuals are okay and the music is decent too, but the gameplay seems unbalanced. With a couple of levels, your hits take off plenty of damage and if they don't, just spam moves. Even when blocked, special attacks will hit the enemy a ton of times and quickly kill them anyway. I also don't like the lack of "menu options"; you have a status screen, but don't have much to do there. You open boxes by hitting them, but the items are pretty limited. Lastly, the game is short. The CGs are decent enough and it's pretty cool for a PC-98 game, but I don't really like the obvious lack of challenge. The only thing that ever even gave me any trouble at all was the controls, which were pretty unresponsive for me at times.

Anyway, if challenge doesn't bother you and you like H RPGs or H ARPGs, you may want to at least try it.

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