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Breaking down a web of lies told by Alexis Goodfellow

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In this video is a clip of Alexis Goodfellow McWilliams speaking on a page she made to spew tons of lies about "Samantha" who she is falsely accusing as her stalker. There will be proof coming that "Samantha" has never stalked her but instead went back & forth whether cordially or on not so nice terms. She also tells an extremely warped recollection of the timeline of events about how she met "Samantha."

Please keep in your frontal lobe that Alexis Goodfellow McWilliams is a known habitual liar! Numerous friends, family members, exes, landlords, ex friends, & even her own husband have pinned her as a liar. Little lies. Big lies. Lying on others. Lying about herself. A flat out LIAR.

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