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Bleach Online MMO English First Look

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I have to say I was expecting a complete clone of Ultimate Ninja. I'm happy to say it's not a complete clone. And the game is actually very standalone compared to the Naruto games. The girl friend system is "interesting". As is the undressing system, I've seen enough hentai to

The game follows the same exact path of the anime. Brief side quests and mini games to do along the way. It does use the power system sadly. So you know what that means "Pay2Win". In this case I don't care I've learned how to beat that in games like this. And beat people who spend thousands and I only spend dollars pulling off wins.

That aside the game has a lot to do. And it seems designed to consume you're whole day if you let it. Pockie Ninja used to be like this. And people hated that part of the game. So I hope they reconsider on that here too. If you are a bleach fan this game is for you. If you're not all you will see is another Naruto clone. You best bet be not to waste your time on it.

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