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Asker (애스커) - Assassin Body Physics - Fanservice Warning! - CBT1 - F2P - KR

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This game uses Havok engine for physics. You can see some real-time breast physics while moving, also for butt and for those who can't see anything more, just look at the hair too xD Hair is moving pretty smooth and has wind force, maybe the mesh is not the best but looks so dynamic.

Other games like Black Desert also uses small details like this on female characters mostly. Like the Ranger, also has butt and even thighs physics in some outfits.

Edit: After playing a bit more, there are also thighs and even calves physics for assassin body, just hard to see without clothes.

Game website:

Music: Curbi - Dime
NCS Release:
Free Download @

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➞ SoundCloud
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More Asker videos here:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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