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3 - Fate/El Veneno Reyes

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Wine, women, and children first. [This is a Reupload from the Fate Cero channel to this channel. As I have stated before, Fate Cero has been Canceled and I am moving all the videos to this one]
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Omni Beneficial: Kiritsugu, Lancer , Caster
Yaroshien: Kayneth , Ryonosuke
Alifluro: Saber
Thekazmat: Rider
BuddyVA: Waver
JadeTheFireFox: Irisveil
MontyGlu: Sola-Ui
KaiserNeko: Gilgamesh
YusaiKtheWolf : various dying children
Xcaliborg : Kermit the Lancer
Special Thanks to all those who contributed to the soldiers of Ionioi Grimmjack69, Elphie6673, CrasherSurge, Joinerofsonicfans, YusaiKtheWolf, Thekazmat, LunarMelody13, Starfang14, Takahata101, MoonDreamofA, ZoidsBN, MrSkorfuckingringo, psnyomi133, HarrysFiddlesticks, FoulFangedFiend, Rileychasefox, DaaroVA, Kaggy and Purpleeyeswtf
And a big black cock of thanks to Alifluro and Jadethefirefox for their splendid art work. Thanks for holding up the episode! :P
Omni: Yaroshien did some SFX mixing i guess Baka
YaroShien: I wish to clarify that I am YaroShien, and I did do the SFX. Yes.

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